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The Story

Milk & Honey Media is Waikato based with clients across New Zealand and beyond.

Managing and Creative Director Jonathan Nickerson is originally from Dallas, Texas.

He is passionate about seeing his client's brand come to life. And with more than ten years experience in advertising and video production, Jonathan is fulfilling that passion with not only local Kiwi businesses but also national and international brands. 

Jonathan studied Finance and International Business at university which provides him with a strong foundation for understanding the client's objective to see a return on their investment. 

Despite all this experience, there is really one key factor that makes it all come together. Relationship. And that is the foundation of Jonathan's approach.

What's in a name?

The philosophy behind Milk and Honey stems from the name. Long story short, "the land of milk & honey" was a term first created by a people long ago who were looking for a better life full of happiness, hope and that secure feeling of home. 

At the end of the day, that's really what we are all looking for. We believe in providing the very best for every single client by going above and beyond the status quo. And through that approach, both the client and Milk & Honey will be a step further into reaching their goals. That's our story.

To successfully produce the campaigns and videos a client needs, Milk & Honey first takes the time to get to know their business by understanding their brand and purpose...why they do what they do. This ultimately leads to producing the most effective and engaging content for the client's audience.